“Breaks My Heart”

Breaks my Heart

© Larry Krone 2011


Oh, my brother breaks my heart

Sometimes just to hear his name makes the teardrops start

Why does he have to be

Expecting the worst of me

We’re just two years apart

And my brother breaks my heart

He breaks my heart


Oh, my mother breaks my heart

Getting old for her has been really hard

Well, it’s a good excuse

But I’m getting older too

I can’t let down my guard

Because my mother will break my heart

She’ll break my heart


Families have a secret way to cut right to your soul

All the love and memories, the things that make you whole

In the wrong hands, the stuff can be as deadly as a gun

So you figure out real fast, you better run

You better run


Oh, my lover breaks my heart

He must be really smart

He can always tell

When my family’s putting me through hell

I’m bad when I fall apart

But he doesn’t say a word, he just loves me with all his heart

That’s how my lover breaks my heart

He breaks my heart.