Home Page Post #23

Hi! Well, here I am again, 3 months late on my theoretically bi-monthly website update and newsletter. Please accept my most sincere apologies or humble “you are welcome,” depending on your taste in newsletters and long-windedness. The good news for all is that I am writing in time to tell you about Jim’s & my […]

Home Page Post #22

Hi! Happy Summer! Once again, time has gotten away from me.  Almost five months have passed since my last newsletter/website update, and I apologize for that.  I had intended to get on a more regular schedule, but the usual obstacles have stood in my way: travel, scheduling conflicts, time, energy, paralyzation due to being broke, […]

Home Page Post #21

Hello, people of the world and people of my life (not necessarily in that order)! It’s the end of the year, and something is happening to me that feels really wrong. I have the urge to write one of those year-end wrap-it-up newsletters!! And I know that 54.9% of people polled hate to read them!  […]

Home Page Post #20

Hi! It’s been 4 months since I last confessed – I mean wrote – to you all.  As you may know I am a combination lazy bum/spaz-out overachiever, so in the past 4 months there has been a lot of watching of Turner Classic Movies and running my fingers through the beautiful, tastefully spotted coat […]

Home Page Post #19

June 11, 2018 Hi! Fact: I like to sing!! Question: Would you like to hear me sing? Don’t answer yet!  Would it help if it weren’t just me singing alone? Perhaps I have enlisted a power group of the most talented, charismatic, attractive performers to help me out, such as…CHRISTY DAVIS on drums!!  JULIE DELANO on bass!!  […]

Home Page Post #18

February 20, 2018 Hi! Welcome to my tri-monthly (more like TRY-monthly but ends up being 2 updates a year) newsletter and website update! People tell me they like to read these, so I choose to believe them rather than to allow myself to feel guilty for inflicting myself on innocent art lovers and web surfers. […]

Home Page Post #17

Hi! YES, it has been almost 6 months since I last updated my website and wrote to you of my goings-onses. YES, laziness plays a part in my lapse in correspondence, but in my defense, this has been more of a period of process than production. Does that sound crazy? YES? Then you’ve got the […]

Home Page Post #16

Hey, who likes to read? I ask that question, because as I begin this newsletter/website installment/text piece, I’m frightened by how much I want to write. So, if you like to read, you are in the right place! If you don’t, maybe just look at the colorful pictures. Like this one: This is a picture […]

Home Page Post #15

June 20, 2016 Hi!   Welcome to the special LARRY KRONE SHOP issue of my newsletter and website homepage infotainment text piece! With Look Book and various set, costume, and custom Larréon commissions occupying most of my time these past few months,  the commercial part of my “practice” has all but taken over! Hey, why not embrace this […]

Home Page Post #14

March 1, 2016 Hi! May the above piece subtly illustrate my feelings about the beginning of my 2016. (It also happens to be a working sketch for my House of Larréon treatment of a costume in Neal Medlyn’s/Champagne Jerry’s upcoming show In the Champagne Room, but more on that later.) On December 30, 2015 I […]

Home Page Post #12

July 27, 2015 Hi! Hear ye, Hear ye!! Citizens of the Wurld!! Childrens of all ages!! Friends, Larréon Girls, Country Men!! Look Book is officially off to press! It is getting printed as we speak!! Now, I don’t know what that means to you all, but to me, that means HALLEFUCKINGLUJAH!!!! (Which is actually a […]

Home Page Post #11

April 22, 2015 Hi! Well, the Look Book Benefit has come and gone! What a night!!! My family band played while the Western wear walked; Champagne Jerry rocked n’ rapped while the Hip Hop fashions running-manned; then the signature Oh! Couture gowns sashayed right up to the grand finale of Bridget Everett and the Tender […]

Home Page Post #10

April 11, 2015 Hi! Please buy a ticket to the House of Larréon Look Book Benefit Concert, Fashion Show, and Live Auction happening THIS Tuesday, April 14th at 9:30 at Joe’s Pub! $100 gets you the greatest night of your life: performances by Bridget Everett, Champagne Jerry, and Larry Krone & Family plus a fashion show of […]

Home Page Post #9

February 11, 2015 Hi! It is long past time that I write something new on this page! And what better moment than now, when I have such an exciting announcement: We are finished with all of the major photography for the House of Larréon/Larry Krone BRAND Look Book! I’m already missing those crazy days at […]

Home Page Post #7

 September 6, 2014 Hi! Welcome to this special Larry Krone BRAND & House of Larréon LOOK BOOK fundraising edition of my website home page!  I’m going to keep this simple. Please go here: eBay Auctions of Todd Oldham’s LOOK BOOK Photos to buy these: They are signed, framed photographs taken by Todd Oldham of Bridget […]

Home Page Post #6

July 29, 2014 Hi! Well, my goodness if this hasn’t been a tumultuous and eventful couple of months! I’m sorry that I let so much time go by without updating you “readers” on the fascinating details of what some might call my career and/or life. The fact is I was quite busy living it. (And […]

Home Page Post #5

 May 19, 2014 Hi! “Sometimes I don’t know how I do it!” –anonymous Now, I think the person who said that was a little impatient, because it is actually more polite to wait for somebody else to say that about you. “I do what I do.” –anonymous I would consider this an ungracious response to […]