“Damn, You Made me Cry Again (for Mamie Lane)”

© 2016 Larry Krone


When someone you’ve loved has died

And you’re a guy who writes

The thing to do besides cry

Is to write a song for her


And as you write don’t blink

‘Cause you can feel her near

And when the song is done try not to think about

How she’ll never hear it


World, you’re gonna have to stop right there

‘Cause someone’s fallen off

And she’s the one who loved you best

And nothing can happen that she’ll miss


There must be some mistake

So let’s just get her back

We’ll play her favorite songs

And she’ll be coming down the track


We can’t do

Anything new

That she’ll never see

Our Mamie


I shouldn’t even sing

About the pain this brings

‘Cause she can’t talk me down

Mamie’s not around

Mamie’s not around


Now who will make me play

And when it’s over say

“Damn, you made me cry again”