“Heaven if You’re There (for Merle & Mamie)”

Heaven if You’re There (for Merle & Mamie)

©2016 Larry Krone


If I had a fortune

This is what I’d do

I’d spend each cent on a monument

Built for you


But I only have 10 dollars

So I’ll buy ten country songs

And sit and cry to “If I could Only Fly”

And think of you and sing along


If I knew the future

And if I knew my fate

I’d let you know when it’s my time to go

So you won’t think I’m late


Well you know I’m a non-believer

But I don’t care

I’ll believe in heaven if you’re there


I wasn’t raised on God

And I never did believe

But the other night I swear 

That you came to me in a dream


If I were an archer

I’d draw back my bow

And shoot my love to you high above

As far as it would go


And I won’t be surprised

If the arrow’s never found

I’ll just know

That you caught it

Before it could come down


Yes, I’m a non-believer

And I’ve never said a prayer

But I’ll believe in heaven if you’re there

Yes, I’ll believe in heaven if you’re there