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July 27, 2015



Look Book (House of Larréon cover)

Hear ye, Hear ye!!

Citizens of the Wurld!!

Childrens of all ages!!

Friends, Larréon Girls, Country Men!!

Look Book is officially off to press! It is getting printed as we speak!! Now, I don’t know what that means to you all, but to me, that means HALLEFUCKINGLUJAH!!!! (Which is actually a French word. Don’t look it up, though, it’s very rare.)

The official release date of Look Book is December 1, 2015, though we will have copies available long before that. I’ve hesitated until now to offer preorders through my website, because, frankly I had started to doubt that the book would ever become a reality. But here we are!! And here it is!

Look Book (Larry Krone BRAND cover)

If you’d like to preorder the Look Book, please click HERE. I’ll send it to you as soon as it is ready, and for your preorder, I will sign the book (if desired), and you will get this beautiful gros grain ribbon bookmark hemmed and adorned with the rakishly angled Larréon label with love by me.


But life isn’t all books and gros grain! “What else has that hunk been doing?” you ask.  

Well, my first TV gig as a designer and “Associate Producer,” Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder had its premiere earlier this month. It was a thrill!

Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder

The viewing party at Joe’s Pub July 11th was as studded with stars as Bridget’s new Larréon creation, the Veuve Clituot was studded with two proud T.H.O.’s that were on full display because of the sheer nature of the VC’s fabric.

The Veuve Clituot

If you missed the special, you can catch it on demand or on the Comedy Central app. It’s worth whatever you may have to pay, I promise!

I had a few performing gigs in the last couple of months including this on June 21st

Make Music New York June21, 2015

This was on the Joe’s Pub stage at Make Music New York festival right on Astor Place between Lafayette and Broadway.

Among other recent gigs, I performed with Mister Jim Andralis at Rockwood Music Hall a couple weeks ago.

Jim Andralis

He’s been giving sneak previews of the gorgeous new songs that he’s been recording for the past year. Soon it will be a real album called Your Dying Wish Come True and it will look as beautiful as it sounds if I have anything to say about it. You see, I am doing all of the album art! Here is the front cover in its earliest stages:

What will it look like in the end??
What will it look like in the end??

NOW, in case you were wondering if my talents are diverse, yes they are. I’m in a movie, and it just had its world premiere at the Asian American Film Festival!

The Purple Onion Premiere

The movie is called The Purple Onion, and it’s by the very talented Matt Symanowski who I met when we were both in residence at the MacDowell Colony. Look out for screenings near you. Hopefully they will be happening everywhere once people realize how great the movie is!

Purple Onion Poster

I interrupt this fascinating website home page letter to make this important announcement: I got a NYFA grant!! NYFA grants are so great, because they simply offer no-strings checks to artists based on [what the judges believe is] the merit of those artists’ work. The money I got from NYFA was so needed, so appreciated and is basically so gone! It all went to the classic BBC: Bills, Booze, and buying a desperately needed new Computer. But, besides the hangover, it sets me up great for the upcoming months. Thank you New York Foundation for the Arts!!

“What is next for you, Larry Krone??”

Nosey!! But since you asked, I have a few big things lined up for the Fall & beyond!

First up, my solo show The Selling Sound of Country Music opens softly at St. Louis’ projects+gallery on September 11. projects+gallery is an exciting new space that strives to blur the boundaries of traditionally understood artistic disciplines and practices, which is about my favorite thing to do. I’ll be creating an installation of hay bales—real and latch-hooked—along with Mylar, mirrors, all kinds of limited editions, and a retrospective of my patchwork t-shirt couture work including some brand new ones that are FOR SALE for the first time ever!

October 2 will be the big opening night for The Selling Sound of Country Music along with The Best, Best Everything, my solo show that brings all of my most recent work from my “Then and Now” series to The Sheldon Art Galleries for its St. Louis debut! Among all of the sequins, Mylar, double stick tape and Dolly Parton lyrics will be my most precious creation, “Then and Now (Cape Collaboration)”.

Then and Now (Cape Collaboration)

Between those two Midwestern Marvelousnesses, I’ll be scooting back East to knock the socks off some P-town cabaret-lovers with my new show Me Loving You on September 16th as part of Quinn Cox & John Cameron Mitchell’s Afterglow Festival. This will be the longest evening of Larry Krone I’ve yet presented, so you might want to see it just to see how I fill the time. More semi-but-not-really-jokes? More onstage drinking? Less private part coverage? None of us will know until we’re there!

photo by Kevin Yatarola
photo by Kevin Yatarola

Let’s look a little farther into the future, now, shall we? What is there to look forward to? How about a little something called In the Champagne Room to be presented at New York Live Arts in March, 2016 by my pal and idol Neal Medlyn a.k.a. Champagne Jerry? I’m doing the sets & (maybe) costumes!

And in the barely developed category, I bring you this little seed: this December I plan to start serious work with my favorite actors/writers/performers/people practically in the world, the Hand2Mouth Theatre Company. There’s not much to say about this except that my dreams are about to come true if we really get it together and join forces to make something.

OK, enough of this already… I have the Bachelorette finale to watch!

Kaitlyn Bachelorette
Kaitlyn Bachelorette

Thank you for reading this and for being at least a little bit interested my stuff. I appreciate it tons!

Love, Larry.s

And by the way, this site was designed and made by Matt Fisher. Don’t you want one like it?  Hire him!!  

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