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November 4, 2015



Look Book Release Party! Sunday, November 15! 42West NY! 7-10pm!!

“[The time has come to] CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE, DANCE TO THE MUSIC, [because Look Book is getting it’s official release!!! Praise the lord!!!]”

–Three Dog Night

I am so happy that Look Book is finished, and I am so proud of the results that—with the help of Langfelder Presents—I am throwing a good old-fashioned New York City dance club party! It will be at 7:00 Sunday, November 15th at the fabulous 42West nightclub located at 514 West 42nd Street between 10th & 11th Avenue. This party is for YOU, my readers and supporters, so please come!

Are you sold already?  Please RSVP to me at BigLar678@gmail.com, so I can be sure that the red carpet I roll out is just the right size!

Poppy Louise Mandrell Everett (whose mommy Bridget Jean Everett you may know as my House of Larréon muse and cover girl of the book) is the party’s host, and she has pulled out all the stops on this one! Somehow she secured the coveted spinning services of the incredible DJ Duo Team Company LLC featuring DJ Bad Ass Laughs (Carmine Covelli) and DJ Kris Pissedofferson (Neal Medlyn)


and the surreally spectacular GOLD, a driving bass and drums with three part harmony making soulful punk rock quartet that you have to hear to believe!

sharks copy

Pre-release Look Books will be for sale, and many of its illustrious and increasingly famous models will be at the party to sign them for you if you say please!   The books won’t hit stores until December 1st, so you can be among the first people in the galaxy to have a real, signed Look Book!

Would you like another reason to come to the party?? FREE SWAG!!


We got your House of Larréon Look Book rubber band bracelets, your “I’m a Larréon Girl” key chains, your House of Larréon tiny buttons, and your House of Larréon “Poor Taste is our Signature” ball point pens!   Get yours while supplies last, because this is good shit and it is only available for free at the party!

By now, I’m sure you are definitely coming!  Won’t you please let me know with a lil’ RSVP to BigLar678@gmail.com or thru the email thingy on this site!

Now, if you absolutely can’t come to the party, pre-orders of Look Book will be available exclusively in my website shop* until the official release date of December 1.

Look Book (House of Larréon cover)

*There are a couple of sneaky sneakers sneaking pre-release sales in St. Louis if you happen to be there, though. The Sheldon Art Galleries and projects+gallery each have a few copies for sale to go with my exhibitions there. (More about T-SAG and ppg below)

I am exploring some options for having the book distributed, but until I make a deal, all sales of Look Book will go through me. If you have a store and want to sell Look Book, please contact me soon, and I’ll get them to you in time for X-Mas season! What booklover wouldn’t want all that titty under the tree come X-Mas morn??

“Does it seem to you like Larry Krone has abandoned all forms of artistic creation besides being a distinguished author and fabulous party planner? Well, it’s not true! He’s been doing all kinds of art and there are even some new projects on the horizon! Larry, why don’t you tell them?”

Well, November 23rd my dear husband Jim Andralis and I will be singing together in a full-on duet music nite at Sid Gold’s Request Room as part of Amber Martin’s The Amber Zone!

photo by Todd Oldham
photo by Todd Oldham

We can’t wait!! We will be working out some duet arrangements of Jim’s and my newest original songs and pulling out a couple chestnuts from our country cover past! Will we get Amber to join in on something? Let’s all pray on it!

Speaking of Jim, get ready & mark your calendars for his upcoming solo gig at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 December 15th. Spectacular songsmith David Clement will be joining him on guitar, and I will ease in with a few vocal stylings like I like to do, plus I hear that there will be more special guests, so don’t miss it!

Do you like LKO’s? Well, you can still see a lot of them in my show The Best, Best Everything at the Sheldon Art Galleries thru January 9! I’m so proud of the show, and it has already gotten a couple of nice pieces of St. Louis press including a live radio interview on KWMU with a corresponding written piece on their website!

My concurrent St. Louis show at projects+gallery just came down, but you can see some photos of the installation I did there and my crazy opening night performance here!

While I was in St. Louis for those 2 shows, I managed to get it together with St. Louis’ legendary Diamond Stud to play at Blueberry Hill’s famous Duck Room. It was a thrill to share the stage with those stars, and so much fun to turn that room into a veritable Honky Tonk for the night!

This Fall also found me in Provincetown for the first time, performing my new show Me Loving You on September 16th as part of the Afterglow Festival. What fun!

"Me Loving You" Afterglow Festival 2015 Provincetown, MA photo by Bobby Miller
photo by Bobby Miller

You can find more of Bobby Miller’s photos of my afterglow performance here!

More things coming up:

Queer Threads: Crafting Identity and Community is going on tour!! If you are in Baltimore or Boston, you can see John Chaich’s whole sensational, smart show in person! And there is a gorgeous, BIG hardcover Queer Threads book made by John and everybody’s hero, Todd Oldham coming out soon to correspond with the exhibit!

March 2-5, 2016 Neal Medlyn a.k.a. Champagne Jerry’s new show, In the Champagne Room will make its world debut at New York Live Arts! You will be surrounded by Larréon when you go, because guess what? I’m doing the sets & costumes!

The Purple Onion, a fantastic movie (that I happen to be in!) by the very talented Matt Symanowski is being shown in Austin, Texas as part of the Austin Asian American Film Festival. If you are anywhere near Austin, do yourself a favor and go see the movie! It’s a gem!

Besides that, I’ll be spending these next months work, work, working in my usual way and doing my best to get it out there before your eyes and under your nose in the most graciously subversive yet palatable and thrilling way I know how. I do what I do.

Thank you for reading this and for being at least a little bit interested my stuff. I appreciate it tons!

Love, Larry.s

And by the way, this site was designed and made by Matt Fisher. Don’t you want one like it?  Hire him!!

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