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June 11, 2018



Fact: I like to sing!!

Question: Would you like to hear me sing?

Don’t answer yet!  Would it help if it weren’t just me singing alone? Perhaps I have enlisted a power group of the most talented, charismatic, attractive performers to help me out, such as…CHRISTY DAVIS on drums!!  JULIE DELANO on bass!!  MIKE JACKSON on lead guitar!!  JIM ANDRALIS ON VOCALS & GUITAR!! OK???

And do you like surprises?  If yes, then sorry, I’m spoiling it- BRIDGET EVERETT and CHAMPAGNE JERRY will be performing with me, too!

So, please come to Joe’s Pub Wednesday, July 18that 7:00 to see my new show Who or What I Am.Tickets are $15, and you can buy them HERE!

I’m approaching this show as a play.  In fact, I wrote a real script for it and everything, because Who or What I Am tells a damn story–in reverse!  It starts with a breakdown and ends at the beginning of life before anyone knew it could get so bad.  Amazingly, all of this is achieved through my original country songs, heartwarming/breaking stories, and “spectacular” handmade costumes!

Warning (or enticement): Who or What I Am is not a comedy, and it is not 100% family friendly.

Disclaimer (or promise): I do dress as a sexy showbiz fetus in it, though.

a behind-the-scenes showbiz fetus costume fitting

I wrote the script for Who or What I Am last month while in residence at The MacDowell Colony.  While I was there, I encountered about 25 of the most talented writers, composers, architects, and artists (yawn!) I’ve ever met.  I also made the aforementioned and illustrated fetus costume–it’s hard to believe that what you see in that picture is a grown man desperately trying to flex his abdominal muscles and not a real unclothed fetus, right?–and a few other things.

Here are some pictures of what I did. You’re welcome/I apologize that the they are not of me partially clothed:

This is the first in a series of three Then and Now pieces I’m planning in which I use only found needlework projects that represent people. By showcasing random, anonymous craftspeople and grouping them together based only on their mutual impulse to embroider human beings, I’m hoping to show how we are all part of the same whole, each with the complexity that can be found in any person if we were to pay attention to them.  

I collage the different projects together and then cover all of the unadorned fabric in between the images with found sequins that I sew on one by one.

I also did a couple of works on paper:

Love is in the Air (Double California Sunset Spiral) and

Love is in the Air (Empire State Building) in my ongoing series where I laboriously “superimpose” (write in a Uniball pen) Dolly Parton’s lyrics “AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU” repeatedly over any beautiful image of a sky that I can find.

And I will always love all of you, too. In fact, I wish you joy and happiness. Most of all I wish you…would come to my show at Joe’s Pub!* 

(And love.)

Love, Larry.s

*©Dolly Parton except a couple parts

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