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April 5, 2014     

Hey, Everybody!

Photo by Paul Wintermear
Photo by Paul Wintermear

I hope you will excuse my neglecting this home page for so long.  I needed a little time to regain my enthusiasm for being an artist after facing my finances in order to do my taxes, trying to deal with health care, and, well, just being a poor person with lots of ideas and few resources.  La vie boheme can turn into mi vida loca at a moment’s notice, you know? Then you remember the Pam Tillis song where she rhymes “mi vida loca” with “over and over,” and everything is all right again!

The fact is I’ve been as busy as ever.  In March, I started a 5-month residency at LMCC’s Process Space on Governor’s Island.  It has taken some adjusting to being in an “open plan” where everything you do can be seen and heard by the other artists in the space, but I have hunkered down with a new project and for the first time am totally documenting its progress by taking photos at the end of every day.  It’s called “Then and Now (Holly/Poncho)”. 

Then and Now (Holly/Poncho) in progress

I imagine it will be finished by the end of May, and then I can start planning a bigger project I’ve been dreaming up that will combine this kind of work with true collaboration and performance.

By the way, this is what I see every day from the ferry.

The view from the Governor's Island Ferry

House of Larréon has been keeping me busy, too.  Bridget Everett & the Tender Moments’ video for What I Gotta Do swept the nation with Bridget shimmying in her House of Larréon Oh! Couture creation, the Red Titty Mini accessorized by her sleek House of Larréon Le Sac du Fanny, and now the same creative team at 365GUY is working on a new video for “Titties,” for which I created a special new Oh! Couture masterpiece, the New York Pussy Duster, or “NYPD”.  Bridget is gorgeous in it, and the video is shaping up to be the greatest thing anyone has ever seen!

Video shoot for "Titties" 

Incidentally, if you like House of Larréon, Bridget, sexy things, or beauty, may I direct your attention to the House of Larréon Limited Edition Postcard and Ephemera Sets?  They are only $20 and available exclusively on this site or out of my bag if you run into me on the street. 

EASTER SPECIAL!! House of Larréon/Larry Krone BRAND Limited Edition Postcard and Ephemera Set

I’m giving the sets an aggressive Easter push by displaying them in this tableau and offering a free “Easter” bunny House of Larréon keychain with the next 4 purchases.  Hurry!

I’ve also been singing and writing songs like I like to do.  My newest favorite musical achievement is “The Sound,” a sweet love song I wrote in the tradition of Juice Newton and Lee Roy Parnell.  I will be adding it to every set from now on, because it has the distinction, in contrast with all of my other songs, of not being at all sad or even wistful!  You can read the lyrics in my SONGS TO READ department on this site, or right here if you like to click on things.

I hope to make my own CD at some point, but while I’m waiting to muster up all it takes to get that going, I have been going into The Nuthouse recording studio in Hoboken to lend my voice to some of the songs written and performed by my favorite man, Jim Andralis. 

Jim & Bridget photographed by Kevin Yatarola
Jim & Bridget photographed by Kevin Yatarola

It’s been a thrill, because the songs are so great, and the guys at the studio create the best environment where Jim & I both actually feel confident about how we sound!  The other thing I like about recording there is that the ShopRite across the street from The Nuthouse sells these croissants that are dipped in donut glaze.  You may call it a poor man’s cronut, but I call it the best thing I have ever eaten!

In the category of things about me that I can’t take credit for, my old MacDowell buddy, Matt Szymanowski has been screening his feature length indie film, The Purple Onion in it’s current “work in progress” state to some lucky audiences in California.  I’M IN THE MOVIE!!!  Check out the site for the movie here and stay tuned for it’s real release in the next few months!

My appearance in The Purple Onion


I am great!  Don’t take my word for it, read it here in the words of Holland Cotter in his review in the New York Times of John Chaich’s spectacular show “Queer Threads” that was at The Leslie-Lohman Museum.

I am the best! Well, I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t a proven fact illustrated by the inclusion of my work in artnet’s thoughtfully curated selection of the best art world selfies.

Hyperallergic's Hrag Vartanian takes a selfie using my masterpiece.

I am longwinded!  This can be proven in an interview I did with fellow artist and friend Erin Rachel Hudak on the Uncompromising Tang blog People who read all of my press (Thanks, Mom!) insist that I said some new, never before published things in here that they found fascinating.  Maybe you will agree!  The way this blog works is that whoever is interviewed has to promise to interview someone else next.  Buzz Slutzky is my pick, so look out!

Does Larry Krone have any future plans, you ask?  The answer is yes.  I am in the early stages of planning solo shows at The Sheldon in St. Louis and the ATX Whitebox gallery in Austin, Texas.  I’m also hoping to book some music gigs soon in New York.  I will be applying for fiscal sponsorship to fund the production of the House of Larréon Look Book, so hopefully the world will see it in print someday.  And, oh yeah, Jim & I are getting married soon.  I’ve got a wedding to plan!

Thank you for visiting my website!  Have a great day.

Love, Larry2-w

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