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 May 19, 2014


Photograph by Marley White
photo by Marley White

“Sometimes I don’t know how I do it!” –anonymous

Now, I think the person who said that was a little impatient, because it is actually more polite to wait for somebody else to say that about you.

“I do what I do.” –anonymous

I would consider this an ungracious response to someone’s expression of being impressed about something you did.

That said, sometimes I look at these home page letters on my website and I ask myself how I did all of these things. The answer is not “I do what I do,” though. First of all, things seem more impressive when they are listed like that than when they happen in real life, so it’s not really that great.   Secondly, I am what’s clinically known as a workaholic with an acute case of poverty-itis. This means that since I have no money to do anything else, I sit around and work all of the time while drinking cheap beer and aging steadily. Sometimes this lifestyle results in achievements worth talking about. More often, it results in a messed up back, gout flare-ups, and people being mad because I refuse to do anything with them unless it’s free. In conclusion, I humbly give you my response to my own expression to myself about being impressed with some things I did: “Thank you. Allow me to tell you more!”

Allow me to tell you more!

First of all, I have been trucking away at my temporary Governor’s Island studio graciously provided by LMCC. It’s been wearing me out, to be honest. I go there every day I can, and I don’t think there has been one trip out there when I haven’t found myself sprinting from the Bowling Green subway station to the Battery Maritime building to barely catch the hourly ferry, finally arriving at my studio out of breath and soaked in sweat. But once I get there, I do work my little fingers off in the most satisfying way.

Do you wonder what my studio looks like and what I’ve been doing there?

Governor's Island Studio

Open Studios are this weekend, May 24 & 25 noon to 5pm, so come on over! I will be there both days, and are you in luck?! I’m having a cash (or check) and carry art sale!  My “Stranger in my Mirror Inspirational Shirt Kit” edition, usually $500 is on sale for $250!

StrangerInMyMirrorHay72dpi   Stranger in my Mirror Inspirational Shirt Kit2009

Also, selected sketchbook and working drawings start at $25 (usually starting at $75)!  And I’ll be thinking up more Crazy Larry Price Slashes, so stay tuned!

Oh, and fashion lovers, don’t fret!  I’ll have a stash of the elegant and romantic House of Larréon limited edition postcard & ephemera sets for sale at $20/set with all proceeds going towards funding the upcoming House of Larréon Look Book.  Darlings, I mean what I am about to say in the most dignified way: WE NEED THE MONEY!

House of Larréon/Larry Krone BRAND Limited Edition Postcard and Ephemera Set

Information about Governor’s Island and how to get there

Besides my Governor’s Island project “Then and Now (Holly & Pancho)” (shown below in its current state),


I’ve recently started on a commission for a new mirror piece. It’s a big one! I worked with a pair of distinguished clients to find the right words to suit their musical taste and my darker artistic impulses. We came up with a Broadway/Country combo that we’re all thrilled with. “I’m Still Here” is from Stephen Sondheim’s Follies, and “Here I Am” is from a gorgeous song by that name sung by Patty Loveless.

I'm Still Here I Am (sketch) I'm Still Here I Am (working)-ws

Would you like to peruse some of my work without having to put on pants and face the outside world? Here’s your chance—now you can find me on ArtKapsule! It’s a great new site brought over from London with a mission to “find new ways to bring contemporary art to a wider audience.” I hope they find “new ways to bring cash to Larry Krone’s bank account,” because all of my bills are way overdue! Seriously, it’s a cool group run by really nice people. Look out for more news about them and their projects around the city.

You can also learn about me and all about how I was once a high tone artiste living in luxury at the MacDowell Colony by checking out my profile at The Portable MacDowell. There are lots of other interesting artists & writers featured on there, too!

Of course, I have been spending some of my time writing songs like I like to do! Since my last entry here, there have been a few: “I’m in Love With a Ghost,” which was inspired by the silly/heartwrenching movie “The Ghost & Mrs. Muir” and “Jim” which was inspired by Jim, to name two. The one I’m featuring now, though, is “I Love the Ladies (but the Ladies Don’t Love Me),” which is my tribute to the women in my life whom I angstily wish admired me just as much. It’s sort of a feminist version of Tracy Lawrence’s huge country hit, “God Made Woman on a Good Day”.   Now, if you are a woman and I love you, do not be upset if you don’t find your name in the lyrics. I tried to cram a bunch in there, but they wouldn’t all fit. I’m thinking that if I ever do perform this out, I might add a comprehensive list at the end.

I did a little bit of journalistic writing, too this past month. I interviewed artist Buzz Slutzky for Uncompromising Tang blog. I think it turned out great! You can read the interview here.

Are you asking yourselves, “How does he do it?” yet? Well, don’t forget about House of Larréon! Amidst all of this art and writing, I’ve been able to find time to visit what Champagne Jerry so crassly refers to as our Larréon “sweatshop” to supervise the production of a glorious new confection for Adrienne Truscott: a convertible dress made from a huge Richard Pryor t-shirt. Adrienne commissioned it for the London debut of her show Asking for It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else at the Soho Theater, and apparently, it has caused a sensation there rivaled only by the star herself, (Adrienne’s pussy).

RPM/LBD 2014

This elegant number goes from LBD (little black dress) to RPM (Richard Pryor mini) and back again with a simple swoop of the arm!

As you are aware, and as the editors of Vogue magazine probably think, the House of Larréon is known for creating timeless pieces with clean lines and super cuts—wardrobe staples that never go out of style. Take “Gingham Style” for example. That was made for Bridget Everett way back in January, but look at it in this photo taken by John Huntington at her recent show at Joe’s Pub!

photo by John Huntington
photo by John Huntington

See!  Fresh as a daisy!

Thank you for visiting my website.

Love, Larry2-w

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