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July 29, 2014


photo by Todd Oldham
photo by Todd Oldham

Well, my goodness if this hasn’t been a tumultuous and eventful couple of months! I’m sorry that I let so much time go by without updating you “readers” on the fascinating details of what some might call my career and/or life. The fact is I was quite busy living it. (And drinking.)

Some of you may be unfamiliar with this patented technique I have where one can use delicious beverages to restore one’s will to keep going on. For you, I present this video taken by Kevin Yatarola at my Joe’s Pub show this past January. It’s sort of a how-to on irresponsible drinking plus an awareness-raiser on how beautiful music can be when my outrageously talented and attractive friends and family are playing it together.


I hope you enjoyed that, because it was the warm up act. The star of this show today is House of Larréon! There have been many new developments with the clothes, the designer, and especially the Look Book, so read on!

The most exciting news is that the supertalented, charming, acclaimed, and famous designer/renaissance man Todd Oldham is the new House of Larréon/Larry Krone BRAND Look Book photographer! It has been so exciting and fun to see my fashions come alive through Todd’s eyes. The photos are stupendous, and the experience of working with him is equally as great.


Some of Todd Oldham’s photos will be released over the next few weeks for press and promotion purposes, but the big reveal will be on August 15th when bidding opens on 12 signed, framed prints of his masterful interpretations of House of Larréon looks such as “Venus de Larréon,” “the PCP,” “American Champion,” “Born to be Blue,” and “Underpants of Many Colors” on some of New York’s fiercest top models including Neal Medlyn, Kathleen Hanna, Becca Blackwell, Jim Andralis, and of course House of Larréon muse Bridget Everett! Oh yeah, and me!

While the auction will be on the Paddle 8 website and available for viewing and bidding starting on August 15th, the framed photos will be on exhibit in the mezzanine of the newly remodeled Joe’s Pub lobby from September 2nd thru September 25th. Please come to the reception on the evening of Tuesday, September 2nd, the day after Labor Day to compare tans, drink some wine, and beef up those online bids! Bidding closes on October 16th, the closing night of Bridget Everett’s run of “Rock Bottom” at Joe’s Pub (more on that below). All of the money from the sale of these photographs will go toward paying for the printing of the Look Book, so bid HIGH! We need the money!

Do you want to just donate to the cause and forget about bids and photos and frames and receptions? That’s great! And what’s even better is that you can deduct your donation from your taxes by donating through The House of Larréon Look Book’s fiscal sponsor, Participant, Inc., a wonderful not-for-profit alternative art space. Please contact me for more details if you are interested in donating this way.

Speaking of donating, once the book is published, we will be donating a part of the profits to the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, a non-profit music and mentoring program whose mission is to empower girls and women, just like House of Larréon does! So think of it this way, your donation to the production of this book or even your purchase of a signed, framed Todd Oldham photo benefits women and thus THE WORLD!!

If you are looking for another way to benefit the world, how about buying a gorgeous House of Larréon limited edition postcard & ephemera set?

House of Larréon/Larry Krone BRAND Limited Edition Postcard and Ephemera Set

The price is still only $20, which is crazy, because the supply is dwindling, and with the termination of Marley White’s involvement with the book, this could be the only time these great photos are published and available for consumption! In other words, be smart: collect and hoard these starting now! All money from the sales of these sets goes towards funding the production of the book, so hoard in good conscience.

photo by Kevin Yatarola
photo by Kevin Yatarola

Get ready for a night to remember!! Bridget Everett’s “Rock Bottom” is returning to Joe’s Pub for a serious theatrical run! It opens September 8th & runs thru October 16th. This show is so exciting and wonderful. It’s Bridget at her best, this time with the collaborative contributions of award winning songwriters Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman, Rock & Roll Hall of famer Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz of the Beastie Boys, pianist/composer extraordinaire Matt Ray, and humble Midwestern thumb-twiddler Larry Krone. YES, I AM IN THE COMPANY OF THESE PEOPLE. I am so proud of the gowns (we don’t call them costumes anymore) I made for this show, including a new piece I just finished entitled the Holy Kimony. But no more hints! You’ll have to see the show if you want to see through the Holy Kimony. (That was a hint.)

By the way, Joe’s Pub—one of my favorite places in the world, my home away from home, and the birthplace of House of Larréon—and I will be joining forces in all kinds of ways this year! Stay tuned for more about that as it develops and press releases are released!

As you may have deduced, I have put my fine visual art masterpiece production on the back burner in favor of these costume and book projects. They really do need all of my attention at least for now, but don’t think that I have given up on my studio practice for forever!

I did recently complete this during my residency at Governor’s Island

Then and Now (Holly/Pancho)  2014  sequins on vintage patchwork quilt top 25 x 25"

It’s a stand-alone piece but also a study for a huge project that I’m in the process of pitching to various grant and residency programs for their support. But that’s all I’m going to say about THAT right now!

I also recently completed this mirror piece as a commission for a gay power couple I know:

photo by Neil Goldberg
photo by Neil Goldberg

It was a really satisfying process working with these guys and finding a way to suit their needs and desires while making something that I believe in. It just all fell into place, and I’m so proud of this new piece that is nearly impossible to photograph.

Hey!  As an aside: does anyone else want to commission me to make something for them? I’m especially interested in projects that might help me to pay my mounting bills. Thank you for your consideration.

One last thing, and then I’ll be done. It’s a shout out to my favorite gallery, Williamsburg’s Pierogi, run by Joe Amrhein & Susan Swenson. I have been working with them in some capacity for the past 18 years or so: I have had my work in their flat files, been in many group exhibitions there, been presented at art fairs through them, and I estimate that they have sold more of my work than all other galleries I have worked with combined!   And they paid me on time every time! This past Fall was the first solo show I’ve done with them, and even in that make-it-or-break-it intimate scenario, they were a delight. I am here to say that there is no one better to work with in the art world than these two and the whole crew at Pierogi. They have integrity, honesty, savvy, and are totally fun to talk to and be around. This year they celebrate 20 years being in business. I’m honored to be included in the commemorative group exhibition that opens there on September 5th. Congratulations to all of you at Pierogi. You deserve every success that comes to you!

Thank you for visiting my website.

Love, Larry2-w

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