“I am the House”

I Am the House

©2016 Larry Krone


I am the house

Cement foundation in the dune

Two hundred year old wood in every room

Every morning when you wake

You look out of my windows from your bed through the trees to see the lake

But you’re not with me today

Where can you be?

I’ll be the house


So you be me


I am the woods

Pine forest across the land

I don’t know how I grow in all this sand

Chipmunks hide in rotten trees

And spiders weave the most gorgeous webs between all my leaves that you’ve ever seen.

And I know you


I’ll be the woods


And you be me


We remember you

We’d see you every year no matter what

We remember you

Can’t count the things you made and did and read and cooked and played and shared and bought


See, I can be these things that have been torn out of your heart

While you do what it takes to try to heal

When you guys pretend you’re me, try not to fall apart

You be me and tell me how it feels


I am the beach

Where the sun goes down and makes

A magic path of sparkles on the lake

You drink a beer and feel my breeze

I comfort and remind you of your place in this big world while I get my sand all over your feet


Where have you been, our friend?

We thought that we would see you growing old

Every year at the same time just as the weather’s growing cold

Wherever you may ever be, we’ll live inside your soul eternally

That’s what I say

As we role-play

I am the house, I am the woods, I am the beach

And you are me