“In a Lonely Place”

In a Lonely Place

©2018 Larry Krone


Hello, how are you?

Yes, please, a table for two

What’s your name? Where are you from?

I’ll have a glass of red Lillet

And tell you all about my day

And you’ll be my new friend when I’m done


Excuse me, could I get a new fork

Yes, I love New York

We used to come here to visit our kids

Oh no, they still live here

We’re just not meeting this year

It’s ‘cause of something I did


Yes, I’m in a lonely place

We came here to try the cheese soufflé

And talk to someone who has no escape

I’m in a lonely place


Could you get our waiter, he’s over there

We’d like one dessert to share

And to tell him about our afternoon at the Met

And what we think about food trends

You’re our only friends

And this is about as good as it’s gonna get


Yes, I’m in a lonely place

Where the waiter keeps bringing out new trays

I tell myself I’ve handled things with grace

Yet, I’m in this lonely place


What did I do to end up so alone?

All that’s left are my husband and my home

I look around, and everybody’s gone

They tried to change me

I wouldn’t let them change me

They pushed me around

But I stood my ground


Now search my eyes and you will find

I’m in a hell of my own design

On the bright side, the service here’s first rate

I made a mistake

This is my fate

Yes, I’m in a lonely place

Yes, I’m in a lonely place