kathleenhanna.com: “Artist of the Week Larry Krone”



September 3, 2014

Larry Krone does it all. Fine art, set design, installations made out of mylar, songwriting and one off fashion masterpieces made from thrown away bits of quilts. He is currently collaborating with the ever so wonderful Todd Oldham on a LOOKBOOK of his fashion work. The profits are going to The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. I posed for the book because I fucking love Larry’s work. Whether he’s singing country songs in a homemade red, white and blue striped pantsuit or sewing together his famous cape of many colors, Larry is always on. I don’t think I have EVER EVER had more fun on a shoot than when Larry and Todd shot me for this project….I left feeling totally inspired. Mainly because both Todd and Larry are people who are bursting with creativity like a faucet you can’t shut off and you don’t wanna shut it off cuz the water has fucking gold sequins coming out of it. Todd made fucking crayons shaped like gems. Todd designs clothes. He makes books. Difficult books that no one else would make, gorgeous books that fill in historical gaps and make sure that nearly forgotten artists get to blow the minds of future generations. My Mom looked at the book Todd made about Charley Harper and it was like she was on acid. This guy not only cares sooooo much about his own work but about supporting and sharing the work of other artists and did I mention, he is also a great photographer? The two of these guys together are just like an artistic tornado of love. And no I am not stoned. So this is why I forced my way into the book. The real star/inspiration behind it though is Bridget Everett (Larry’s muse) who Larry started making costumes for awhile back and she wears the shit out of them. SEE ABOVE. Anyways to fund the book Larry is selling some of the portraits from the book on ebay. I saw them in person last night. They are framed, almost square shaped like a record album which I love, and they look even better in person than on screen if that is even possible. And Todd signed them. I am gonna cry.