“You, my Mother (inspired by the writing of Nawaaz Ahmed)”

You, My Mother  (inspired by the writing of Nawaaz Ahmed)
©2017 Larry Krone

What a view, what a sight

The faintest sign of light

Glowing pink and warm

Through you, my home

My mother

I feel you in this place

Though I've never seen your face

We're so close

We're one


You're alive out in the world

Anticipating my birth

Waiting to see whose eyes I have


What will I bring to your life?

Am I the reason you became a wife?

You don’t know this is the best it will ever be


Is this the only way I'll know you, my mother?

Is this the the only way we will ever get along?

How beautiful we are now to each other

I hope you listened well, because this was your love song