“The Sound” lyrics

The Sound

©2014 Larry Krone


Tonight when you’re all alone without me by your side

And the whole house is quiet except for the sounds from the Frigidaire

Don’t you worry my darling, cause in our hearts I’m home with you

And if you listen, you’ll hear me there


Just imagine that each ice cube you hear as it falls

Is a beat of my heart so true

Yes that old refrigerator that we couldn’t afford to buy

Makes the sound of me loving you


Now in the morning when you’re fast asleep alone there in our bed

And the alarm clock wakes you up dutifully

You can hit that old snooze button as much as you desire

But every note of music on the radio is really me


Just remember that each sound wave that wakes you up again

Is a wave of my love so true

Who could guess that old clock radio you’ve had since you were fifteen

Could make the sound of me loving you


As you go about your day

The sounds the city makes

Are little love letters that I write

Even in the park

I’ve made my mark

With the bird tweets and the buzzing bees morning, noon, and night


So the next time you wonder if my love is strong

Just listen all around you and you’ll hear our love song

Everything that’s manufactured and found in nature, too

Can make the sound of me loving you

This is the sound of me loving you